Kuģu iela 26-44, Rīga, LV-1048
tel. +371 676 11111

Brīvības street 46

Ēkas ērtības:
Video novērošana, Lifts, Signalizācija, Koda pieeja, Optiskais internets

Business environment that is inspiring for success and where to have successful business meetings with partners and customers. Exclusive, modern offices is the perfect place for successful work in a constructive atmosphere.They are located in exceptionally comfortable and accessible place – the heart of Riga, surrounded by a diverse infrastructure – parking lots, restaurants, shops and cultural buildings. Spaciousness, light and the high ceiling allow to feel free in luxurious and enjoyable conditions, while the renovated Art Nouveau interior decor creates the mood for creative and productive work.

At the moment for sale have two office premises:

  1. “Open space” – an open office, 2nd floor, 114m2.
    2.   Office, 2nd floor, 90m2.

Kaspars Magrins
+371 26180180

Pieejamie biroji

Platība: 114 m2 Cena: EUR 375000 / (EUR 3289 / m2) Stāvs: 2 Autostāvvieta: nav
Platība: 90 m2 Cena: EUR 295000 / (EUR 3277 / m2) Stāvs: 2 Autostāvvieta: nav