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Skanstes street 7, “Jupiter Centre”

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Jupiter Centre is a new, modern and high-tech class A business centre, which is located right in the center of the Universe – Skanstes street 7. In the building there are 14 floors and 2-level underground parking for 160 parking spaces.
Jupiter Centre is notable for its high-end architecture, challenging technology choices, with the purpose of creating a comfortable business environment for our customers and partners.
The building was invented by taking into account the principles of environmental safety and modern solutions in the field of energy saving. The building is located in the new business center of Riga with a developed infrastructure – at the intersection of Skanstes and Sporta Street. Nowadays it is the perfect environment for a business man, because main offices of many banks as well as big business centers are situated nearby. Taking into account the rapid development of the area, the conclusion can be drawn that the place has become an attractive environment for major local and international companies.

Kaspars Magrins
+371 26180180

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Platība: 600 m2 Cena: EUR 10200 / (EUR 17 / m2) Stāvs: 13/14 Autostāvvieta: ir
Platība: 110 m2 Cena: EUR 1540 / (EUR 14 / m2) Stāvs: 1/14 Autostāvvieta: