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Vilandes Street 8

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The «Palisade» is a “club-type” building, which is located in the embassy district, with many picturesque streets and famous restaurants. The house is located near a very beautiful park and the Daugava River with the yacht club marina. The area, in which the building is situated, is the most prestigious place to live and work in Riga. In this area are placed 15 embassies of different countries, offices of the best lawyers of the town and many restaurants.
The house was built in 1913, and there was carried out a complete reconstruction of the house in 2003. During the reconstruction, the main aim of which was to preserve the historical value and to implement modern solutions, the original elements of the facade and interior were restored, a luxurious grand entrance was built, and elevators were installed.
Office space on the first floor. Only natural and high-quality materials have been used for interior decoration. The office is fully furnished and equipped with exclusive classic style and honey-coloured furniture, leather chairs and sofa, wooden doors, designer chandeliers, equipped with modern office equipment. The office has five working rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, three storage rooms (for archives, servers, storage).
You also do not have to think about where to park the car, as parking lots are available close to the office. The building is guarded round the clock.

Kaspars Magrins
+371 26180180

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