Kuģu iela 26-44, Rīga, LV-1048
tel. +371 676 11111

Brivibas Street 39

Ēkas ērtības:
Dzīvā apsardze, Video novērošana, Lifts, Signalizācija, Koda pieeja, Optiskais internets

Lease premises presentable office building “Open Centre”.

Convenient office space layout, which can be adapted to the needs of the tenant, with an area of 257, 7 sq. m, in addition to a terrace 27, 7 sq. m. Security 24 hours a day, is set in a video surveillance system, 2 lifts. Rooms are equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems and fire sprinkler system. Good driveways of private transport, as well as good public transport availability. Nearby parking is located at Brivibas Street 35 and underground parking at Elizabeth Street 55. The building is close to the National institutions, the hotel “Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia”, the other office buildings and a large part of the embassy.

Kaspars Magrins
+371 26180180

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Platība: 257 m2 Cena: EUR 3084 / (EUR 12 / m2) Stāvs: 7/7 Autostāvvieta: nav