Kuģu iela 26-44, Rīga, LV-1048
tel. +371 676 11111

Doma Laukums 3

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Video novērošana, Restorāns, Signalizācija, Koda pieeja, Optiskais internets

Old Town with a good location “Co-Working” office space.

Fully furnished workplace with all the communications. The offer to lease a fixed job, a separate studio or workplace open space. Open floor both to isolated areas and with the “Open” type of product sharing.
Communal “lounge” area with a kitchen, as well as a number of separate areas with upholstered furniture to relax, as well as some sound-proof booths confidential telephone.

All floor is a single design and style, with a non-standard, high-quality luminaires, good furniture.

* Kitchen Room (coffee / tea).
* Several bathrooms.
* Independent man in the reception.
* Conference hall (fully equipped: audio equipment, microphone, projector with screen -one hour 80 Eur. The whole day 700 Eur.).
* Capacity in the conference room: sitting on the table in a circle of 30 seats; buffet-type measures 120 seats.
* One-day access to 15 Eur / day (ietilpst- internet, tea / coffee).
Offer office or employment in the short term and the long term:
* Unfixed in the overall Hall in a month 100 EUR / month-includes internet, tea / coffee.

* Fixed in the overall room 150 Eur / month-includes 24/7 access, Internet access, coffee / tea, meeting room.

* Private, 4-bedded room 150 Eur / month from 1 person-includes 24/7 access, Internet access, coffee / tea, meeting room, (the amount is paid in full = 600 Eur / month., Regardless of whether it’s one person or all 4).

The first floor restaurant “B-Bar” with quality food and professional service.

Kaspars Magrins
+371 26180180

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Platība: 1-20 m2 Cena: EUR 15-1000 / (EUR 15 / m2) Stāvs: 3-4 Autostāvvieta: nav