Kuģu iela 26-44, Rīga, LV-1048
tel. +371 676 11111

Valnu Street 4

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A large commercial space of modern design, with panoramic glass cases, is located in one of the most respectable streets of the Old Town, next to the Powder Tower. In the neighbourhood there are exclusive boutiques of global brands in clothing and jewellery.
The building is a new building among the old houses of the Old Town – it was built in 2006 in accordance with the highest standards of quality. In the outer and inner decoration of the house there were used the highest quality materials, including natural stone slabs, granite, marble and wood.
The Old Town, where the building is located, is the busiest area of Riga and an ideal place for those who want to always be in the heart of events. This is the place where you can meet a lot of foreign guests, as well as the locals who love to relax, eat out and go shopping.

Kaspars Magrins
+371 26180180

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Platība: 377.20 m2 Cena: EUR 9340 / (EUR 24 / m2) Stāvs: 1-2 Autostāvvieta: nav